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Plan Your Best Death

Go beyond the material. Make the choices that truly matter for yourself and those you care for.

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The journey of transitioning beyond this world is a deeply individual voyage. To honor yourself, it’s crucial to make decisions now. Often, we overlook contemplating what our final days and hours will entail, assuming it won’t apply to us, and proceed without consideration. Nonetheless, the reality is that, at some point, it will be a shared experience for all of us, whether it happens today or six decades from now.

Imagine that this journey is upon you right now. Would you wish for your sister to be by your side? Would you desire anyone’s presence during your last hours? If you were enduring intense pain, would you prefer medication to bear it to a certain extent or to be rendered unaware of it? Would you opt to depart life on your own terms or allow the natural course?

Would you find value in reflecting on your life? Is it meaningful to you to leave behind memories, recordings, or video footage for the special individuals in your life?

In the event of a sudden accident, would you want to be resuscitated? Or would you prefer a peaceful passage? How long should medical machines sustain your life?

Though the family will or trust may stipulate burying your physical body, if burial isn’t your preference, did you know you have the authority to make these decisions regardless of others’ choices?

Permit a guided approach to your passage, where you establish your intentions. From choices regarding sustenance when you are no longer capable of feeding yourself; To creating recordings for your loved ones, or deciding where your physical form will ultimately rest, we are here to offer assistance. By orchestrating the execution of these profound decisions, we aim to alleviate the burden on your loved ones and ensure your wishes are upheld.

Note: Legal age requirement applies.

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