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The Science of Energy Healing

Science is now stepping out of its long-held comfort zone of spiritual denial. The research of the last few years leaves little doubt the universe is more than cosmic dust. Life on earth is more than evolution, it is energy. Everything is energy, the place you sit, the water you bathe in, the drink you are sipping while reading this. Energy is the very essence of all. In the last few years, we finally have enough scientific research to prove the benefits of energy healing.

No longer is Reiki, also known as energy healing, woo woo. The study’s done on everything from magnetics of energy transfer to general well-being are coming back. Energy healing now steps out of the shadow of metaphysical nonsense to own the power it truly has. Although science is still unable to define the mechanism by which it works, it fully acknowledges the fact that it works. Clients receiving energy healing may demonstrate stress reduction, overall improvement in sleep, and reductions in pain, blood pressure, breathing rate, and mood. Other studies support improvement in the autonomic nervous system, allowing a better sense of safety, rest, recovery, and ease.

Harvard published study results stating, it is a way to facilitate a transformative subjective healing experience. When we consider that all matter contains energy; then every interaction with anything would create a communicative experience between molecules. Here is an example. I begin my day in a great mood, everything is flowing smoothly and going well. While speaking with a friend their very body language conveys stress and anger. When our conversation ends and we continue on our own way, my mood is no longer the great mood I awoke with. An energy transfer just took place, even though my friend was not angry with me. While they were interacting with me, a little of their intense energy transferred to me.

Energy clearing and energy healing are an important part of everyone’s health. As studies continue to discover the relationship between our own auric fields and the world around us, energy healing will continue to move into mainstream health care. I encourage you to experience energy healing at least once. Much love to you all!