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The Science of Grounding

Once we walked, sat, and slept on the earth every day. The earth was an integral part of our very existence we were keenly aware of. As civilization has “progressed” so too have we progressed away from the same thing that allows us life. Our circadian rhythms fail us, and our anxiety levels require substance abuse, whether legal or otherwise. The earth no longer provides all of the food we eat. More and more coming from chemical processes, we will feed ourselves fake meat, grown in a processing plant. Chronic inflammation, weakened immune systems, and autoimmune disorders are just a drop in the bucket. Yet we do not see the thing we are most tied to, most dependent on, the earth.

Scientific studies abound showing the simplest of treatments. Taking your shoes off and standing barefoot on the earth for even a few minutes a day had amazing benefits. The energy field of the human body works with the electrical conductivity of the ground itself. Grounding or earthing produces hard factual science showing positive healing effects on our very cells. Pain reduction, reduction in inflammation, increased wound healing, and a long list of other attributes. Spiritually grounding allows us to maintain focus, cleanse our root chakra, and maintain balance, providing a sense of well-being.

The next time your step outside, take a moment to stand on the planet providing you with life. Take a precious few moments to ground yourself. After all, what could it hurt?