Quantum Dragonfly ®


Two Minutes

Whether you are stepping outside to get in the car, grab a bite to eat or go for a walk, Stop!

Just give yourself 2 minutes, for those 2 minutes, let whatever the list running through your head is go. Everything you need to do, how soon you have to do it, all of it, just drop it right there where you are. Close your eyes for just a moment, breathe in deeply, let it go slowly.

Now stop and look up at the sky, notice the shades of blue or the depths of the clouds. Really feel the air on your face, does it tingle, is it warm and comforting or brisk and chilly?

Does it arrive with familiar smells or aroma’s?

What are you hearing? Take a moment, look around, really see what you are hearing around you. Are the sounds pleasing, what is it about them that pleases you? Are they annoying, why?

Thank yourself, for those 2 precious moments you spent truly immersed in just being.